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Roman Kujawa

Is American artist painter, (February 28th, 1954)

"My artistic research is focused on circuits. Circuits connect but also carry coded information. The penetration of this subject is reflected on the visual platform, proportion and balance. I am not interested in using colors, which is why most of my work is white. By not using colors, the spectator is left with an intellectual perspective, rather than an emotional one. White is also a synonym of hygienic cleanliness for me. Another aspect of my work is focused on the accumulation of energy represented in the tension of each wire. My work is not an image of something but that something an independent object."

Roman Kujawa


MFA Graduate School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

BFA & MFA Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland


2017   Rozas Botran Fundation, Guatemala City, Guatemala

2016   Holly Hunt Gallery, New York, NY

2015   Niagara Art & Cultural Center, Niagara Falls, NY

2014   Réalités Nouvelles, Paris, France

2006   TW007 Art Gallery, New York, NY

2005   Polish Consulat, New York, NY

2004   Second Language, Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX

2003   Confrontations 2003, Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1992   PAAS Gallery, New York, NY

            Visual Galler, New York, NY

1991  The American Hospital of Paris, French Designer Show House, New York

            Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

            Moderne et Conterporaine, Paris, France

1990  Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1987  Social Terrorism Blue Gallery, Boston, MA

            O.K. Harris Gallery, New York, NY

            Contemporary Portraits from Northeast, New Haven, CT

1985  Micro Wave, Now Gallery, New York, NY

           The International Drawing Competition, Section Yomuri Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan

           The Germanow Art Gallery, Jewish Community Center

           Current Vision a Contemporary Survey, Rochester, NY

1984  Fashion Moda, Real Politic, New York

           35 Grand Prix Internationale de Pinture de Deaville, France

           Soho Center for Visual Arts, New York, NY

           Galerie Rene Borel, Paris, France

1983  Selections 22, Drawing Center, New York, NY

1981  MCK Gallery, Cracow, Poland

1975 VI Symposium of Creative Circles, Poland


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